Client Behavior Change. Automated.

Put client nutrition education on autopilot. One habit at a time.

The Mission:

Create a simple, habit based delivery system that can empower change coaches to improve the lives of 1 million people
Systemizes Nutrition Information Use pre-made habits & lessons or create your own custom habits & lessons to deliver to clients. Either way the education is the same every time no matter if you or your trainers are coaching the client.
Client Accountability The client gets asked every day if they did the given habit the previous day. They also receive a lesson daily to reinforce the habit.
Mobile Clients get reminders and lessons on the two places they check most: email and smartphones.
No More Paperwork Let the technology gather and display the data so you can actually understand it. This frees the coach up to do what he or she does best, coaching! 5 or 500 clients, the software collects the data and delivers to you the important stuff, like how compliant your client is to the habit.
Client Tracking Reports Once or twice a week the coach gets emailed a report on who has not checked in, who is rocking it, and who needs help.
Simple The clients receive a habit. Every day they check-in if they did the habit or not. Every day they get a short lesson to deepen their understanding of the habit.
Built By Fitness Professionals Habit Catalyst was born out of a need to deliver consistent, accurate, and repeatable nutrition information in our own gyms. We also wanted to see if people were actually following through.
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